With our short New York warm season, going to the beach always seemed like the breezy, no-brainer thing to do on a hot summer day. Listening to the waves, cold drink in hand, sun shining on your face, people watching, and playing in the waves. That is, until we started to load everything into a cooler, into the trunk of the car, lug it around the parking lot along with our umbrellas and beach chairs, down to what seemed like miles on the sand, just to find the oh-so-perfect spot. No matter which cooler or wagon we used, we always found ourselves winded and covered in sweat by the time we reached our little oasis.

Other coolers always had smaller wheels, causing it to have to be tilted at an awkward angle to be pulled, sometimes the handles were too short, forcing one of us to have to crouch down as we were transporting it, sometimes the load was simply too heavy to be wheeled through the sand and it was just easier to carry it with one person on each side, like it was for the Sultan of the Sahara. One way or another, it was always a cumbersome work-out getting our gear from the car to the beach (or worse, taking the train to the beach)

After many Long Island summers on the beach with this frustration, inventor and CEO, Julius, finally came up with a solution that would make the beach going experience a whole lot easier. Introducing rolii, a patented wheeled cooler that would make transporting your drinks nearly effortless while keeping them at frigid temperatures. A cooler designed to roll up and down even the steepest sand dunes, or the muddiest of trails, its patented design helps it move seamlessly from concrete to sand. Crafted with the highest quality plastic and military grade butterfly locks, it can withstand even the toughest terrain. Lightweight, and easy to store with its collapsible handle, this revolutionary cooler can change your day from being a real pain to some relaxing fun in the sun.